Make your property profitable while you’re away

Unlock the potential of your property without the stress and hassle. At Sonyos, we are the trusted partner to turning your property into a profitable venture. Even when you’re not there.

Why choose us?

Transparency & Reliability

We are committed to providing a transparent and reliable service built on trust and integrity. With our unique real-time dashboard on-the go on your device, you have full transparency to every transaction and operations of your property

Optimized Revenue

Our revenue optimization strategies will ensure that your property is consistently performing at its best, maximizing your income.

Real-Time Access to Data

With 24hr real time access to our unique data platform application, you can view, review every transaction and  make informed decisions whenever and wherever you want with peace of mind, thanks to the dashboard app .

Our services

Cleaning & Maintenance

Accounting & Legal support

Property Management

Renovation & Interior Design

Our platform

  • Real-Time Dashboard: Track revenue, costs, and occupancy instantly.
  • Transparent Reporting: Clear insights into your property’s financials.
  • Occupancy Optimization: Maximize returns with dynamic strategies.
  • Guest Management: We handle bookings seamlessly.
  • Maintenance Support: Keep your property in peak condition effortlessly.

Real Estate Investments & Residency

Are you looking to move to Portugal or looking to invest in the real estate market in Portugal? There are various real estate and residency programs such as D2, D7 and Golden Visa Programs that could be great options for you. Most of these programs  allows property owners  and investors to secure residency in Portugal, one of Europe’s most desirable destinations. We can guide you through the process and help you make the most of this incredible opportunity.

Other Investment Opportunities

Besides the D2, D7 and Golden Visa programs, there are other opportunities and programs such as tech entrepreneurship that are attractive and available to investors. Our team of experts and partners can assist you with the right advice and support you in making the right investment decisions.

Why Choose Us

By leveraging our services, you can significantly boost your property’s income, ensuring a higher return on your investment.

Let us handle the day-to-day management, from guest bookings to property maintenance, so you can relax and enjoy the returns.

Our dynamic pricing strategies and occupancy management ensure your property is consistently occupied.

We provide detailed financial reports and transparent data, so you can always track the performance of your property.

Cleaning & Maintenance

We take care of your property’s cleaning and maintenance, ensuring it’s always in top condition for your guests.

Property management

Our extensive property management services include guest communication, check-in and check-out.

Flexible check-in/check-out

Enjoy the flexibility of check-in and check-out times that align with your travel itinerary, ensuring a smooth, stress-free stay. 

Continuous support & availability

We are available round the clock to provide ongoing support to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.